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tiny little things

le petit bonheur means the little happiness (french)
it has always been the smallest things that have brought me the most pleasure and now i'm bringing that idea to this site.

small indulgences that cost very little.
for you.
for someone you ♥

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september 2020 ...

“We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghost.” — Henry Rollins

   Once again, after an 11-year absence, I am back living with a few miles of the ocean at this, the best time of the year. Those who live in this area look forward to "local summer" - which is September, and if the weather cooperates, even October. Local summer - when the tourists and summer residents all go back to their homes and the seashore belongs again to the locals.  No crowds, no traffic - at least during the week. The tourists still come on weekends, but their numbers are far less than in proper summer. The cacophony of high summer transitions to the melancholy of September, when the memories of summer are still fragile in their newness.

   Do you notice how the light changes in September? I really hope you do. No longer harsh, it's a soft and diffuse light, a gentler one. It almost twinkles with a bit of magic. 
As with all things magical, I highly recommend you find some time to notice, appreciate, bask in it.

In September it always feels to me that you can finally exhale as summer's intensity wanes.

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the art


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the t-shirts...



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* a selection from my Land O'' Make Believe photo art collection *

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